Pleasure of Learning

Life Learning is a friendly trilingual study space for young people aged 14 to 19 who wish to regain or maintain their interest in studying and/or who need support to pass their exams at the Dutch-speaking central jury (Examencommissie).

The project is aimed at:
– Young people who are experiencing educational disengagement,
– Those who, in agreement with their parents, wish to experiment with an alternative way of learning.

Our pedagogical approach is based on self-learning in a supportive environment. Everything is set up to encourage the acquisition of autonomy and to break free from limiting patterns inherited from difficult life experiences. Students discover a new mode of learning, based on the full and absolute respect for their unique loving being, in coherence with their deep human nature.

The collaboration among teenagers, under a positive gaze and in compassionate support, effectively contributes to developing their potential. Life Learning offers a coaching structure for the third degree in Dutch-speaking ASO and TSO Secondary Education.

We welcome up to 12 students to allow each one to find and take their place. The association’s premises are ideally located outside the Brussels Ring, in a green and peaceful environment.