Learning Pleasure

Life Learning is a non-profit association focused on a tri-lingual family study space for young people ages 11 through 21 years old. Our emphasis is on children who want to regain a passion for studying and want support in preparing for their exams at the Dutch-speaking Central Jury.

Our approach is based on self-education and encourages both autonomous and collaborative styles of learning.

We offer a framework for all three levels of Secondary School in Dutch-speaking Education ASO (Mathematics, Sciences, Economics, and Human Sciences).

Our main focus is on the final two years of learning (third level/degree), but we accept students from the first and second levels, as long as there will be at least three students in the level.

At Life Learning, we value a small, family style atmosphere. In order to preserve this feeling, we limit each day to no more than eight students. We are conveniently located on the edge of Brussels Ring Road and have a beautiful estate with wonderful green spaces for our students to enjoy.